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  • No.419, 10th St., 1st Blvd., Buali Industrial Estate, 6518114334 Hamedan, Iran
  • Tel: 0098(0) 81 3438 3212
  • Tel: 0098(0) 81 3438 3213
  • Tel: 0098(0) 81 3438 3857
  • Fax: 0098(0) 81 3438 3212 # 106
  • email: info@sascogroup.ir


SASCO. Group companies, including three companies, Shirashian Sanat, Sydone Sanat Aria and Limak Sanat Parsian which is located in Hamedan province, Buali Industrial Estate close to Hamedan city. Mother company is Shirashian Sanat which is established on 2000 and entered to automotive part manufacturing industry by manufacturing Solenoid Valve EGR. Primary customers were Sazeh Gostar Saipa, Iran Radiator and Iran Carburetor. Since 2004, when automotive fueling systems change to injectors, this company could rapidly change its production level, to higher technology and started manufacturing Throttle Body components. In short time, using high technical knowledge, this company could start manufacturing TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), which is the heart of engine, on 2005. After more than one decade, right now, Shirashian Sanat is the only manufacturer of TPS in Iran. On 2011, manufacturing Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) as the only part of throttle body which is not manufactured in this company was planned. In less than one year, Sydone Sanat Aria, as a development plan, started manufacturing Stepper Motor. As the first and only manufacturer of IACV, Sydone Sanat Aria with high quality parts, Customer Orientation and great after sale services could develop rapidly and get big amount of Iran’s after market share. Its annual production quantity reached 400,000 pcs on last Persian year (2015-2016) and according to SASCO. Group perspective, this amount will increase up to 600,000 pcs on next year. Right now, ISACO and SAIPA YADAK as two main leaders on Iranian auto part aftermarket are main customers of Sydone Sanat Aria. On early 2014, Limak Sanat Parsian as a part of SASCO. Group, started manufacturing industrial steel bars especially free cutting steel, to fill the lack high quality industrial bright bars. Right now, this company manufacture free cutting steel, low and high carbon steel bars.

General Manager: Amirhasan Masoudian


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